Energy Club

"Energy Club" as the name suggests we will be doing a project here on Energy Conservation.We all will maintain an E-File of reused paper.The E-File contains:
1. DPEC Form (Domestic Patterns of Energy Consumption) -For self audit at home.
2. NEST (Neighbourhood Energy Sensitization Task) -Involving the neighbours and friends also to be a part of the project by taking their signatures.
3. CONSERVE (Conservation of Energy Resources through Verification & Experimentation)
We will also take out photostates of our electricity bills and compare them with the last year's same month's bill.I appeal all the site viewers to save electricity and be a part of our Earth Saving Venture.Also,do visit our school website on the same For downloading the E-File please click here.Remember it is a pdf file so,for downloading the Adobe Reader click here.

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